The Author

Paul is an I/O Psychologist with over 14 years of experience developing measurement strategies and evaluating the impact of employee training initiatives for top fortune 100 companies around the world.  He is a leading author and thought leader on the topic of training impact and ROI.  He is a pioneer and an innovator in the training industry, creating new and simple ways to measure business impact, and developing a new Level 6 to add to the traditional 5 levels of evaluation. 

With his Level 6 analysis, he helps organizations uncover the real "make or break" factors back on the job that truly predict the success of any training program. As he explains in the book, "Once you really understand how to measure training impact from Level 1 - 5, you'll then be able to use all that data and measure which climate factors are either helping or hindering employees from applying what they learned. Attack those factors and watch your ROI skyrocket."  This holistic approach to training evaluation not only helps business leaders and HR organizations define the impact of their current initiatives, but also helps them improve and maximize that impact in the future. 

Paul is an active member of the American Psychology Association and Society for Industrial/Organizational Psychology, and is a contributing writer for several leading industry trade magazines and publications.  Through his work, he continues to add inroads and insights to the overall understanding of employees and how they interact with their work environments.   When he's not working, writing, or spending time with his family, he goes back to his true love - creating large oil paintings that are way too big to hang anywhere in his house. 

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          Paul Leone, Ph.D.