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Patti Phillips, Ph.D.

President and CEO of the ROI Institute Inc. 

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Lou Tedrick

Vice President of Learning and Development at Verizon Wireless

For decades, organizations, business leaders,

and training professionals have been struggling to connect training events to tangible business results.  Billions of dollars are spent every year on employee initiatives and yet  so few organizations have anything to show for it.  That's because no one bothers to measure their training and build the critical "bridge" that will carry employees from their training experiences to profitable performance outcomes. 

This book finally puts an end to all that and shows you exactly how to build your bridge and measure your success at every step.  By giving you some new and simple ways to measure the traditional 5 levels of impact, it provides everything you need to define the benefit and bottom-line value of all your training programs.  And most importantly, it introduces a new and ground-breaking Level 6 which shows you how to absolutely maximize the impact and ROI of all your training programs. 


Julie Staudenmier

Executive Director of Learning and Organizational Development at Boehringer Ingelheim

"Measuring and Maximizing Training Impact is a "must-read" for L&D professionals of all levels of expertise.  Paul Leone provides straight-forward practical guidance from an internal practitioner's perspective on how to cut to the core of measuring training effectiveness and impact, as well as, how to present results to stakeholders in a meaningful way.  His Level 6  - Transfer Climate is a unique addition to the traditional 5 Levels of evaluation - one that is assured to help L&D organizations maximize the impact they have on business results."   

Measuring and Maximizing Training Impact by Dr. Paul Leone

"For decades learning professionals have struggled to find their way when it comes to measuring the success of training programs.  There are many different roads to the same desired end.  Collectively, these different approaches lead learning professionals and their executives down  the path to understanding the value of learning and how to maximize their investment to achieve the greatest return.   Paul's book, Measuring and Maximizing Training Impact, is another valuable contribution to this journey."

What do industry icons and business leaders say about the book?

"As a practitioner, Paul brought exceptional expertise to the field of training measurement and evaluation.  Now, as the author of Measuring and Maximizing Training Impact, he bring all his knowledge and experience to life, sharing a wealth of insights and new techniques that every training organization can use to demonstrate the true impact training can have on the bottom line."    

"Paul's book helps guide a focused, action-oriented  discussion with business leadership on the impact of training.  He not only presents a smart and fresh approach to evaluating and evolving curriculum design, but he also addresses the critical role climate plays in learning transfer. This is a "must-read" for  new and experienced practitioners."  


Rebecca Romano, Ph.D.

Vice President and Head of Talent Development at NBC Universal

"Paul has perfected an invaluable measurement process that allows leaders and executives to showcase the powerful effects of training investments and even convince some of the nay-saying stakeholders that training is not just an expensive perk, but an absolute necessity to stay competitive.  With his Level 6 analysis, he also helps executives finally understand how to focus and fine tune training efforts to create maximum impact for the organization.  We worked with Paul to develop an impressive and rock-solid business case that investment in opur training programs was incredibly valuable and making a significant contribution to the bottom line." 

Full of case studies, sample reports, and actual Power-point slides presented to senior leaders at Top 100 companies, this book gives you everything you need to instantly go from no training evaluation strategy to a full and comprehensive Level 1 to 6 measurement approach.  It includes: